Features Of The Perception And Construction Of Melodies

This book is aimed at composers and improvisers, music theorists and musicologists. What melodic operations do inventors of melodies use in their creations? How are melodies constructed to meet the approval of large numbers of listeners over decades and centuries? What are the psychological mechanisms that allow melodies to find appeal among listeners? Answers to these questions are sought and offered in this book in an interdisciplinary approach that combines findings from cognitive science, psychology, anthropology, linguistics, musicology, music theory, and musical practice.

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The Forgotten Chords

This book is devoted to the forgotten chords from harmonic minor and harmonic major. As far as that goes, it is addressed to the advanced musician who already has the theoretical basis at his disposal. But in order to explore the area of harmonic minor and harmonic major, a closer examination of those scales and chords that precede the forgotten chords is required, i.e.: the church modes and the melodic minor system. In this concern, it is also useful for the beginner who first wants to get the general idea of jazz theory.

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Bilingual German-English edition 2011

Jazz Arranging / Jazz Arrangement

Comparable to a course, the reader will be guided step by step from the grassroots to more advanced and complex ways of writing. Here, it is not intended to simply float some apodictic rules that lack proper explanation. On the contrary, the explanations given will cover the questions time and again asked by students as well as the issues arising
when working in an artistic situation. Through refined verbalization and a vast number of musical examples this book should contribute to a clear understanding of these guidelines, and foster the student’s ability to realize the issues when arranging.

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Revised and bilingual German-English edition 2010

Jazz Arrangement (1995)

This book, written only in German, represents the basis for the later bilingual publication Jazz Arranging / Jazz-Arrangement